Svetlana Shulga

I have always loved active physical activity: running, gym with exercise machines ... yoga seemed boring to me when I went to random hatha and iyengar classes in different studios, then at the beginning two thousandth - still in the basement rooms of Moscow.

Bikram yoga began to practice in 2011 and immediately became addicted to the power and energy of hot practice. I got to Masha Artamonova on Ordynka - it was this studio that became my home for many years. Each class, both then and now, was different from the other - sometimes you soar, sometimes you die, but the most important thing is the feeling after the class, incredible freedom of the body, a feeling of complete confidence in the strength of each of its cells. Bikram practice gradually captured not only the physical plane, penetrated life as a philosophy, helped to understand other directions and practices. In 2017-2018 I studied on the course of yoga therapy, became more and more interested in anatomy, biomechanics, breathing practices, In 2019 I completed the Bikram teacher training and am happy that I can teach and develop my practice in my favorite studio. A tougher internal discipline appeared, I learned more about my capabilities. In 2020 - another course in the studio - Vinyasa Flow, beautiful body dance, flow of movement, breathing and concentration.

I have a rather busy life and a difficult schedule: I combine the work of a manager in an advertising agency with a hobby - trips of groups of parents with children on trips to Russia and abroad. To be honest, without yoga in my life, this would be impossible - the practice gives strength, relaxation, the ability to manage stress, joy. And teaching, sharing with people what you love and know is a special pleasure.





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