Sergey Zuev

I started yoga with the decision to look 90 years old as young and strong as in 30.

I started teaching yoga, first to my friends.

By chance, in 2010 I got into the first hot Bikram yoga studio in Russia on the Varshavskoe metro station. And I fell in love with this practice. I was carried away by shavasana and the feeling of rebirth, zeroing after class. Since then, I consider myself an ambassador of this direction in Russia, and a little later I made acquaintances from the international Bikram yoga community.

From 2010 to 2012, I actively participated in yoga sports competitions, took first place in Russia several times, and twice represented Russia at international competitions - in Denmark and in the USA.

Thanks to these competitions, I got an American visa and in June 2012 I got the opportunity to go to the competition as an athlete.

How glad I was! After all, they gave a long-term visa, and in the fall I went to a 2-month training for Bikram yoga teachers.

In 2013, I became an entrepreneur and opened my own hot yoga studio, Be in Bikram Yoga, which I closed in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Years of running the studio have made me a powerful mentor to their teachers. For 7 years of work, I have brought up more than one strong teacher. And when the first hot yoga teacher training in Russia was formed in 2019, I gladly joined the teaching staff and officially became a coach for teachers.

My other hobbies include running, standing on nails (helps relieve stress and switch), hardening.





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