Semyon Melkov

Certified teacher of Bikram yoga, Baptiste Power yoga, Inferno hot Pilates (3 levels). He takes his profession and the knowledge gained with full seriousness. Creates a unique atmosphere in the classroom so that each practitioner can delve into their practice and achieve the desired result.

Bikram's training was a starting point in understanding how yoga poses work, how they are anatomically related to each other. And also mental discipline, which helps to feel the inner core that can withstand anything. At this training, I realized that yoga helps a wide variety of people in all respects. It makes us stronger and more resilient, physically and mentally. Incredible transformations are taking place helping people overcome all kinds of obstacles. There I met the teachers of our studio, whose friendship and support I deeply value. And with whom we are still developing further, we exchange experience and knowledge, which we share with students.

A few years later I discovered power yoga. With a deeper understanding of the practice. This gave my body and personality new opportunities for development. Working through emotional problems combined with practice has produced incredible results. I was born again. This experience has had a beneficial effect on all areas of my life. I came to a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I found a way to harmony and a healthier life. The circle of friends expanded, relations with loved ones improved. I see a similar result for many who have walked that path with me. What prompted me to go through 2 more Power Yoga trainings. And I continue to look for opportunities to share this experience with our students.

The next important step was the first inferno training Pilates (later I went through 4 more). The combination of Pilates lifting and work with the subconscious has turned out to be an incredible compliment to Yoga practices. Introduced more awareness and control into my practice. I learned to listen to my body and my emotions. Handle your body more competently in everyday life. What helps me to achieve the desired result on the rug and outside





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