Natalia Zolotilina

As a child and teenager, I did not play any kind of sport. Music and higher philological education presupposed a passive sedentary lifestyle: lectures at universities, lessons at school, administrative work of the deputy director of a private school, reading books, writing scientific papers, playing the piano. After the birth of two children, health problems arose. So I came to the sports club for the first time for a hatha yoga class. I noted the improvement with pleasure and decided for myself that yoga is my sport! Friends from America once told me about "yoga in the hamam." I was very intrigued by this information, and I found a studio in Moscow.

Excited and energized, I returned from my first practice and completely switched to Bikram yoga. I liked the powerful therapeutic effect, getting to know oneself from unexpected sides, overcoming inner resistance through heat, the meditative state in the presence of many people, the incomparable state of happiness after practice! I looked at the teachers with delight, because in their work I saw the reflection of my values ​​in life: to help others, to see the resolution of their physical and internal problems, to be a support and guide to people who doubt their abilities, to share happiness and delight after defeating themselves! Therefore, when my favorite studio announced the first Bikram yoga teacher training in 2019, I immediately decided to go for it!

I am very happy to be part of a powerful team of like-minded people, to advance in personal practice through continuous learning (Vinyasa Flow teacher certificate 2020), to develop in other directions (Mindfulness and breathing practices), to work with awareness and inner discipline, get acquainted with anatomy, yoga therapy and philosophy.





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