Maria Nizdolyeva

I have always been an active and mobile person. Since childhood, she has been involved in sports: football, basketball, running. As a student, she was fond of sports tourism and regularly went on hikes and expeditions 3-4 times a year. Unfortunately, my hobbies negatively affected my health.

Many of us are brought to the mat by injuries, and here I am no exception. Although my interest in yoga arose at a young age, it was my sore knees that brought me to the studio on Ordynka in 2016. This is how I discovered Bikram Yoga. And practice gave me a new life. She helped me learn to listen and hear my body, work with my fears and mental blocks, gave a new vector of development.

For several years of practice, I forgot about health problems and saw how my life has changed qualitatively. Yoga gradually replaced all unnecessary and left only the most important.

From the very first day I admired my teachers and dreamed, like them, to share this miraculous practice with people.

In 2019, having passed the first hot yoga teacher training in Russia at Bikram Yoga Moscow, I became a little closer to my dream. From now on, I regularly teach classes in my native studio.

In the fall of 2020 I completed the second module of the one yoga meditation course in Vinyasa yoga.

In February 2021 I passed the first stage of the Universal Yoga class with the founder of the method Andrey Lappa and I plan to continue my studies.

I feel at the very beginning of the path, but I am 110% sure that this path is the most correct!





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