Julia Dolgacheva

Bikram yoga teacher and co-owner of the Bikram Yoga Moscow studio network.

My acquaintance with Bikram yoga took place in 2008 in New York, the first lesson was very difficult, but left an indelible impression. And it was after this trip that Maria and I decided that we wanted to develop the direction of Bikram yoga in Russia. We believed in this practice, believed in ourselves and our strength, and in 2010 our first studio on Ordynka appeared in Moscow.

I got to the course for teachers only in 2013, after our Moscow studios were opened. It was a long journey for me, because I had to decide to change my whole life and leave a big company for yoga, completely change my field of activity. Now I can say that it was one of the most important and correct decisions in my life!

The practice of Bikram yoga has changed a lot in me: it allowed me to put my health in order, become calmer, more holistic, more purposeful. Daily classes in the studio give me the opportunity to live in accordance with my life values, realize my potential as a teacher and open up new opportunities and horizons.

I am sure that the more people in Russia practice yoga, the happier, healthier and more successful our society will be. And I am grateful to fate that I have the opportunity to do what I love, to develop and share warmth and love with everyone who comes to our studio.





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