Irina Zotova

I have always loved sports, and skiing and basketball occupied my free time during my school years. Now, when I have the opportunity, I try to attend trainings of my district basketball team and in winter I love skiing in the forest (this year I was a participant of the "Ski Track of Russia", having run 10 km with a group of friends). I have always lacked flexibility and I really wanted to develop this ability in myself, and in 2008 I first attended a Bikram yoga class in Boston (USA). Coincidentally, immediately upon returning from America, I received a knee injury and I needed additional classes for rehabilitation, where yoga came to the rescue (at that moment Bikram yoga had not yet been presented in Moscow, and I had to study at home by video or with teacher). The knee recovered and strengthened, as did my desire to practice constantly, which was encouraged by a new studio in the center of Moscow in 2010. The studio became home and beloved, thanks to it, in 2013 I also managed to fulfill my dream - to become a teacher in Bikram yoga, having completed a training in Los Angeles.

After, now almost 5 years of practice, I felt the pain in the spine periodically arising from past injuries decreased, and in general the whole state of the body improved. Also during this time, I attended a number of seminars and trainings of various yoga teachers and received a certificate as a teacher in children's yoga Rainbow Kids in 2015, now I plan to take a training course on teaching yoga for people with disabilities. My current work is related to helping children with developmental disabilities and this course is very important for this work. I believe that as many people in our country as possible can and should take care of their health by finding this or that daily practice for themselves in order to live a quality life in all respects, and I am happy to share this knowledge with everyone who comes to the studio. .





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