Irina Krivoruchko

I started doing yoga 10 years ago, tried different directions and styles. In 2012, I got into a hot yoga studio on Ordynka and fell in love with the practice. At that time, I had a rather stressful job as an event manager, so 90 minutes a day without a phone or thoughts, working with my body and mind, was, of course, a luxury.

Over time, yoga has supplanted event management. After a year of my practice, almost all of my friends were engaged in the studio - we treated knees, backs, elbows, "broken hearts" together. After 2 years of regular practice, clear examples of recovery and improvement in physical and mental condition, I realized that I want to know more and teach people. After completing the training in the spring of 2014 in Los Angeles, she immediately went to travel the world - to teach and gain experience in international studios. She taught in more than 20 studios around the world - America, Asia, Australia, Europe and of course Russia.

Traveling around the world with yoga has become a lifestyle, but every time I return home to Bikram Yoga Moscow with great joy, giving new knowledge to my students.





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