Ekaterina Safonova

Jivamukti yoga teacher

Completed the course for teachers of jivamukti yoga, having received knowledge about the method directly from its founder Sharon Gannon and the first teacher's course at the International Yoga Federation of Patanjali, where she studied with the master Jitendra Das (India, Rishikesh ).

I am certified by the Russian Federation of Yoga and the International School of Aerial Yoga.

I regularly attend conferences and master classes of leading Jivamukti teachers around the world.

Besides yoga, I am engaged in psychology, I am a student of the Moscow Institute of Gestalt and Psychodrama.

“Jivamukti yoga helps to develop not only physically, spiritually, but also emotionally, it teaches to be happy despite all the experience of the past. And this, in my opinion, is exactly what each of us is looking for. ”





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