Alla Ulyukaeva

Bikram yoga teacher, certified universal yoga teacher, structural horoscope consultant.

Alla started yoga as a female commercial director of an advertising agency in 2008. She had to recover from five injuries, and she tried several types of yoga - Iyenger yoga, kundalini yoga, ashtanga vinyasa yoga, and settled on hatha yoga. Practicing, I deeply delved into the history and essence of yoga, engaged in theoretical research in yoga, the study of primary sources. Over the years, I discovered that theory began to outstrip practice. The body did not go deeper, the injuries made it known. On the recommendation, I tried classes in Bikram-yoga studio in 2012, I liked it so much and carried away that in 6 months of practice, I managed to overcome the resistance of old traumas and change my practice so much that I started teaching hatha yoga, then certified in universal mandala yoga, and now in 2013 to be certified in Bikram Yoga, and become a teacher in our studio.





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