Alexandra Zhdanova

I have always been an active child, my brothers and sisters instilled in me a love of sports - roller skates, bicycles, fitness. The first acquaintance with yoga began with my mother's classes - she performed poses from a book. Then my personal yoga practice started on videotape.

In 2011 I got acquainted with Bikram yoga, my first class was in English, but I realized that I fell in love with her completely and irrevocably. Almost every day the yoga studio on Ordynka became the place where I cried, laughed, sad and rejoiced. The practice has shifted some very deep feelings in me.

I created the intention to become a teacher, because it was simply impossible to leave this practice only for myself, because thanks to it I began to feel much better, I had a lot of energy. The answers to the questions were found faster thanks to the acquired concentration. Emotions succumbed to more control. Regular yoga practice helped to consciously prepare for the birth of a son mentally and physically, as well as easily recover after.

In 2018, I went to a Bikram yoga teacher training - two months of classes in a hot room twice a day and lectures from morning to night. Yes, this is what made me even a bigger fan of this direction, and now it is my endless source of inspiration and growth, not only in yoga, but also in life.





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