Body and
feeling meditation: scan and body

Body scan / body & amp; feeling meditation / body & amp; psy meditation. Meditation with a body therapist to strengthen psychological boundaries. In the process of practice, you will learn to be aware of the internal supports and boundaries of your body, you will be able to track the relationship of physical boundaries with social, emotional and territorial ones. The skill of being aware of physical boundaries helps to become more emotionally stable, flexible, independent of external circumstances and freely express oneself in relationships, at work and at home. Body & amp; feeling meditation - practice at the junction of meditation and body therapy, opens access to the deep resources of the body, develops emotional intelligence and helps to work out skills that are important for healthy manifestation in society. After practice, the emotional state changes noticeably: the level of anxiety decreases, excess stress goes away and the body's energy resources are quickly replenished. After the lesson, you will have the opportunity to ask the facilitator questions about boundaries and internal supports.

Duration: 45 minutes.

The practice is conducted by Evgenia Shabalina, a certified psychologist, body and art therapist, specializing in the topics "Social and creative realization of men and women in the modern world", "Working with anxiety", "Sexuality : male and female nature ”. Written by Organic Woman.





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