Jivamukti <br> yoga with Maria Artamonova <br> with live music
6 March 16:00

yoga with Maria Artamonova
with live music

Jivamukti yoga with Maria Artamonova to live music by Andrey Fazleev

On March 6 at 16:00 we invite you for a 2-hour extended practice in the stream, where live music will help develop the ability to listen to and hear inner and outer sound (Nada Yoga), strengthen your presence in the moment and help on the path to enlightenment.

At the end of the class there is an advanced savasana and a small Kirtan.
However, first, let's create an intention and work actively. During the lesson, Andrey will use hang, guitar, sitar with the addition of electronic music.
And remember
With big love all is possible Sharon Gannon

The lesson is open to all skill levels.
Duration 2 hours.
Cost - 1500 rubles

About teachers:
Andrey Fazleev is a multi-instrumentalist musician who combines powerful mantras into musical accompaniment, vocalist, creator of two musical projects Atman Love and Turiya Sound. Performs mantras, writes electronic music and conducts Ecstatic Dance!
⠀ ⠀
Maria Artamonova - senior teacher of ONE YOGA & amp; MEDITATION studio, teacher of Jivamukti yoga, Bikram yoga

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