Introductory course in Jivamukti yoga <br> with Kirill
12 April 19:00

Introductory course in Jivamukti yoga
with Kirill

Introductory course Jivamukti yoga with Kirill Lesnikov - for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the direction or want to work deeper into their practice.
From April 12 to Mondays and Fridays (12.04, 16.04, 19.04, 23.04) in Hall 3 (Mindfulness) at 19:00
Exclusive approach, analysis of basic asanas, ligaments, breaths and locks.
After the course, you can confidently practice in a group of any level.
4 lessons of the course + WhatsApp support group
Cost: 4500 rubles
One-time visit to one lesson - 1300 rubles.
Seats are limited
You can sign up and pay by link
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