“Breathing ceremony” <br> with Evgeny and Kalganov
May 22, 16:00

“Breathing ceremony”
with Evgeny and Kalganov

May 22 at 16:00 we invite you to a special practice "Breathing ceremony" with Evgeny Kalganov.

Main effect and result of practice:

▫️ getting rid of emotional and physical blocks

▫️ physical and mental cleansing

▫️ improving metabolism and, as a result, reducing excess weight

▫️ filling with resources and energy

▫️ increasing the body's resistance to stress

The practice consists of a complex of different methods of influencing the body: yoga exercises, qigong techniques, acupuncture, vibroacoustic massage and pranayama.

  • Pranayamas help to clear the skull of small gas particles, massage the internal organs and prepare participants for active work.
  • The acupuncture effect on the points of the meridians turns on the main highways of the body and activates the backup battery, which is needed for extreme and critical situations, and we will use it to remove body tension and clamps.
  • Vibroacoustic massage helps to create the right atmosphere for deeper work with blocks, remove emotional tension, make participants more sensitive.

During practice, vivid and unusual sensations may appear in the body: vibration, tremors, perhaps a sensation of electricity flows - such signals mean that the practice is beneficial and beneficial.

We are waiting for you on May 22 at 16:00

Cost: 1,500 rubles

About the teacher:

Evgeny Kalganov - shaman, energy therapist, breathing and dynamic meditation instructor, certified hatha yoga instructor.

Personal practice: over 6 years, teaching experience: 5 years.

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