Birthday in studio! We are 11 years old!
June 20

Birthday in studio! We are 11 years old!

June 20 we are 11 years old!
We invite you to celebrate together!

Holiday program:
09:30 108 Surya Namaskar.
Intention, movement, awakening to a live DJ set by Anna Glukhoded with various studio teachers: Maria Artamonova, Katya Safonova, Ira Krivoruchko, Kirill Lesnikov (free)
11:00 Bikram yoga with Maria Artamonova
12:00 Body scanning meditation with Zhenya Shabalina
13:00 Inferno Hot Pilates with Lena Chestnova
13:30 Jivamukti yoga with Katya Rubanova
16:00 Bikram yoga with Julia Dolgacheva
18:00 Baptiste Power Yoga with closed eyes with Irina Krivoruchko
18:00 Om-chanting meditation with Anastasia Dmitrieva (visit for donation)

A gift from the studio to all clients - a discount on subscriptions for 6 and 12 months.

Subscription for 6 months - 34,000 rubles

Subscription for 6 months VIP - 42,000 rubles

Subscription for 12 months - 60,000 rubles

Subscription for 12 months VIP - 70,000 rubles

Payment is available ONLINE by link

For all guests: surprises, refreshments, communication with friends, studio teachers and great mood

Save the date!
It'll be cool!

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